Welcome, lovely soul

You have been to Burning Man (or another burner event) and now, back in the real world, you feel a bit lost.
Maybe a bit homesick as well. You're missing the playa and your friends and the way life could be.

Trust us. We know the feeling.

That's why we're excited to host the very first Burning Man Decompression in Switzerland. Decompression parties have the goal to make life after playa a bit more bearable. And we will bring a bit of that playa magic to Zurich. Of course, we’re also more than happy to see you if you haven’t been to any burns but are curious as to what it’s all about.

At Dynamo Zurich, ten rooms full of art, music and dance, decoration, and performances await you. In the afternoon you can participate in handiwork such as screen printing, laser cutting, costume making or ceramics. Try yoga or hula hoop. Enjoy concerts and our big cabaret that you can be part of. If you’d like to show your special talent or tell a story, this is your moment to shine bright like a diamond.

And don't worry: It's not over when it's over. The afterparty at Ambossrampe continues until noon and offers more dancing, chillout spaces and a big breakfast.

So don your best burner robes and join us. If you can, bring your own cup to help reduce plastic waste. Scroll down to learn how to get involved. We're looking forward to seeing you!

We are still looking
for Volunteers!

Just like any other burner event, Zurich Decompression is entirely run by volunteers. There is an opportunity to shine for everybody! Tell us what you can do and we gladly accept all help.

Share your skills and talents. Be a rockstar and volunteer at the event as greeter, runner, stagehand. Help with decoration or bring your own art and decoration. And if you want to be an absolute superhero, volunteer at build and strike.

And remember: Decompression is a co-created event. Everybody needs to buy a ticket, even volunteers. The money goes back into the event via art grants.

What you need to know:

"Daycom" starts at Dynamo at 2pm with a variety of workshops to attend and art to discover.
At 8pm there will be a big cabaret you can be part of. If you'd like to show your special talent or tell a story, that’s your moment to shine bright like a diamond. The party continues in Dynamo until 4am.
At 3am the official after party at Amboss Rampe (walking distance 5min) will start and go on to noon.

  • Workshops

    14:00 - 20:00

  • Main Event

    21:30 - 04:00

  • Cabaret

    20:00 - 22:00

  • After Party

    Amboss Rampe
    03:00 - 12:00

To enter this Event you need to be a 18 years old at the time of the event or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All people under 18 Years will be asked to leave the event after the Cabaret at around 22:00.


  • Dynamo

    Wasserwerkstrasse 21
    8006 Zürich

  • Amboss Rampe

    Zollstrasse 80
    8005 Zürich

Be part of the event!

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