The 10 principles

Zurich decompression follows the 10 principles of Burning Man. The principles are not laws set in stone but act as guidelines to our community’s culture. Learn more about the principles on the Burning Man website 10 Principles

1. Radical self-expression

The freedom to be yourself, no matter who you are

2. Radical self-reliance

You are responsible for yourself – physically and mentally. You are prepared, so that you can manage by yourself

3. Decommodification

No commerce

4. Leave no trace

Leave everything the way you found it. Take whatever you bring back home with you

5. Participation

Take action and take part in things. Volunteer. Do not just watch from the sidelines

6. Radical inclusion

Everybody is welcome and accepted in our community

7. Gifting

We gift and do not expect anything in return. A gift does not have to be tangible. You can also gift your time, effort or your talents

8. Communal effort

We cooperate and collaborate so that we can thrive. Together we are stronger and can use our resources more efficiently

9. Civic responsibilty

As a community, we all take care of each other

10. Immediacy

Live in the now. Do things now. Do not let the moment pass. Carpe diem!