What's happening?

Workshops & Other Stuff:

"Daycom" starts at Dynamo at 2pm with a variety of workshops to attend, live concerts and art to discover.
Come by early to have a chance to be part of one of these wonderfull workshops and see the live concerts!
Zürich Decompression has 3 floors with lots of DJ's, a Silent Disco and alot more to explore!

  • Hula Hooping

  • TOTIDO - Turn on, tune in, drop out with SRI YOGA - Tantric hatha yoga

  • authentic relating and communication

  • Intimate communication

  • Live Concerts!

  • discover your inner psychedelic animal spirit dance

  • Authentic relating game

  • Radical Playfight

  • Salsa

  • Dialogue

  • Meditation & Chanting

  • Rainbow guide to the Darknet

    Bring a USB with at least 8GB!

  • The Luscious World of Whipping

  • Button making

  • Laser Cutting for the next Temple

  • The versatile up-cycled mask: Textile Making

  • Decom Coin Making

  • Laser cutting Terra

  • Screen Printing

    Bring your own clothes to print on!

  • Kimono making and costume pimping

To enter this Event you need to be a 18 years old at the time of the event or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All people under 18 Years will be asked to leave the event after the Cabaret at around 22:00.


  • Dynamo

    Wasserwerkstrasse 21
    8006 Zürich

  • Amboss Rampe

    Zollstrasse 80
    8005 Zürich

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